4. Try it next time. I have to hold the nozzle upside down to get gas in my tank and stand back from it because it throws gas back at me. 2. Fuel pump kept shutting off. Average failure mileage is 49,250 miles. The fuel cap could be missing, loose, damaged, screwed on too tightly and thus distorted, there is debris in the fuel fill inlet, and/or there is a leak in the fuel … If so, is there a fix? Remove the fuel tank filler pipe lower retaining bolt. Purchased my Mustang on 4-05 and have had one problem after another. I can see why the fill up problem exists. I called Ford and they will Not do anything for me about this issue, even though it is There Problem. 2. The 2006 Ford Mustang has 22 problems reported for gas tank won't fill up all the way, pump cuts off. The filler pipe is more or less an S-bend before it reaches the tank, this works well until the fuel level in the tank becomes higher than filler pipe connection. My Mustang is an 05 and of course out of warrantee, so I guess Oh well. Quite a few Mustang owners have an issue when trying to fill up at the pump. The gas tanks indicate they are full, but they really are not. (Page 1 of 2) The replacement Fuel Tank is $1059.00 & the labor is $540.00 WTF! To install, tighten to 80 lb-in (9 N.m). So I know this might sound like a stupid owner problem, but I’m struggling here and having an issue filling the car up with gas. Thanks. Hello there guest and Welcome to The #1 Classic Mustang forum! ... (65,66 &67's) had the fuel filler straight up thru the trunk lid. Here the last several months when I go to fill it up it only takes a few gallons and then pukes out the gas. The “check fuel fill inlet” warning light means that there is a problem with the fuel tank cap seal. Remove the two (2) bolts from the top of the fill pipe through the fill door. Has anyone else experienced this problem? 67 mustang that I bought 3 years ago and upon purchasing the car I filled the gas tank up at a gas station. ... this morning to change the oil. I brought car in on 12-05 for gas tank problem because I can't fill my gas tank up it keeps shutting off like it's full. 5. When the filler pipe comes under the fuel, the small air bubbles that accompany the fuel can no longer follow the fuel in to the tank, it forms an air lock in the tube. Yes bigb427 that is what I found out @ my local Ford dealer. 3. I have a 2006 Mustang GT H. The gas tank will only fill 1/2 way before the pump shuts off. Remove the two (2) fuel tank filler pipe upper retaining screws. Most gas station attendants know this cuz the 2005 mustang fillup problem isnt the first car to have this kinda problem. I was attempting to fill it up today at Costco after setting the latch on the nozzle so it’ll fill up and stop when it gets full, it started to fill up then about 1.5 gallons in, it stopped. I have a 2006 Mustang GT. While it was draining I took the opportunity to check things out. I have tried filling both fast and slow but neither works. My fuel tank will only fill … Release the fuel tank filler cap and position aside. 1. I see lots of posts - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic To install, tighten to 27 lb-in (3 N.m). You’ll sometimes see these car owners, filling their tanks up ever so slowly sometimes, and even that doesn’t work all the time. Just experienced a problem filling the gas tank of my 2007 mustang GT.