This foolproof method makes perfect brown rice that is never sticky. I was never one for brown rice, because every time I made it it came out terribly hard. Otherwise, I'd agree with the others, rice cooker! But still makes me wonder how much nutritional value is being lost by dumping off all that water. *LOL* I'm going to give this method one more try (and cook it longer) and then the oven method I keep seeing pop up and see what happens. I found directions a few years ago that I've followed, which are roughly the same. How to Cook Perfect Brown Rice Every Time. I dont know which side im on…Anonymous or Anonymous. That got me thinking, brown rice is a bit of a harder grain than white rice because it still has its fibrous bran. Thank you and thank you! I put lots of red onion and cilantro into the mix, and make some type of limey vinaigrette to give it some depth. add the brown rice to the heated pot and stir until the rice become dry and exudes a slightly nutty aroma4. Just going off of science. Learn how your comment data is processed. We only use brown rice also. Thank you, this works perfectly every time! It came out perfectly. I"m going to try both ways! Thank you!!! Thank you! DON't remove this lid until the very end. I always use wholegrain brown rice or brown/ wholegrain basmati rice- we never have white rice anymore. A simple method to make brown rice taste good is by stirring in some butter into the rice as you cook it or before you serve it. After it’s milled and polished, brown rice loses its color and becomes white rice. I wa also surprised that it was still hot after 20 minutes of resting and self-steaming. Can I add the curry and broth after I strain it and it still come out ok? I'll try again & hope to master. You’re changing lives by sharing these recipes! I didn’t like the way it was sticking to the bottom of the pan. End the confusion! For making our brown rice, use a large amount of salted water, bring it to a boil, add the rice, and drain any excess towards the end. Lower-cal would be to nuke it with an egg on top. This is the best I have found and results in perfectly cooked rice… not hard or undercooked at all. I stink at making brown rice, seriously, I make kitchen / cooking resolutions every January and one of mine this years was learn to cook brown rice. Sign up for our newsletter to begin eating healthier today and get my very popular FREE Ultimate Clean Eating Guide! Scoop the rice with the spoon onto the parchment paper overlaid with baking sheet; Make sure the thin layer is created by spreading the rice evenly ; Lay the baking sheet inside the oven (rotate at 180 degrees halfway through the drying duration) Heat on low range; Check at intervals to see if the rice is moisture free; Turn off the heat LOL WOW! You can also get the specs on what is in the water in your area. thank u for posting this :)) (2thumbs), I just tried this tonight and was amazed at the results! Hopefully you will give it another try, as this method makes really good rice. I imagine the reason they asked about using the same burner was because if you have an electric stove it would still be putting out quite a bit of heat. I love brown rice in a salad I adapted from "Raising the Salad Bar.". OMGoodness! My family will now eat brown rice. My brown rice was fluffy and perfectly cooked for the first time ever!! That much salt won’t significantly raise boiling temperature for any effect so I’d think skipping it would be better but maybe I’m wrong? Wish me luck… , I meant to say "cook" not cool in my first sentence…*LOL*, Perfect, absolutely perfect brown rice! How would your directions differ if I use a rice cooker? NOTE: These directions are based on cooking in an 1100 Watt microwave oven only. Rinse* the rice in a fine … So I oftentimes cook my rice the night before or make a double-batch and plan to use the extras later. Ya. Brown rice is so good for you, but often people tend to stick with the white rice. The rice just finished and I took a small taste. If you're looking to add more flavor to your brown rice consider using vegetable, chicken, or beef stock instead of water. This will rinse away most of the starch, … There’s only one way to get it—by subscribing to my free email newsletter. NO MORE CRUNCHY RICE . I made this for the first time today as my previous attempt with brown rice turned out horrible! Good question, I'm going to try and see. I'm gonna try this. off the heat add 1/2 teas sea salt and stir in (at this point I also add at least 4 cloves of garlic whole, gosh it is sooo good with the Brown rice, but you may choose to leave it out)5. then back on the heat add 3 and 3/4 cups of cold water and bring back to the boil6. My only concern with cooking brown rice this way is that you are pouring a lot of vitamins and minerals out with the water. Thank you!!! Thanks! Rinse the rice with cold water for 30 seconds. We hate SPAM and take your privacy seriously.To learn more please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Very surprised. Cooked brown rice has about four times the fiber of white rice, and lots of manganese, phosphorus, selenium, thiamin, niacin and vitamin B6. When water is boiling, add rice to pot and stir once to insure grains are separate and not stuck together. Yummmmmm. Absolutely PERFECT!!! Thanks for sharing! I use a brown basmati that I buy at Costco.In answer to KimP, I make 2 cups of rice every time and freeze the extra in family size portions. I seem to never get that right either! If you are cooking brown rice, you may need half a cup more water. I got it from mecware.US. I use my rice cooker….it always comes out perfect. 40 years ago when my grandparents were living in England they had an East Indian lady come in and do some cooking and cleaning for them. YES!!!! REDUCE power to 50%, microwave uncovered 20 minutes. As soon as the water is boiling, turn the temperature down to low and cover the pan with a tight fitting lid. I just add 3 cups brown rice to a 9X13 pan, pour on 6 cups water (or broth) add salt and a big spoonful of coconut oil. Bake on the middle rack of the oven for 1 hour.After 1 hour, remove cover and fluff the rice with a fork. Do I dare try again? I now do it with my white rice because all the vitamins in the world don’t do me any good if I don’t want to eat the final product. Only way I've ever cooked brown rice too I don't know why, but toasting it was the only way I could keep my rice from being crunchy. Also, it requires a little extra cooking water. I usually change the water in the bowl at least 3 times. Ummm all my mom's friends do – and they're little old ladies from Hong Kong. Other creative ideas include using it as a bed for mushrooms steamed in parchment packets or turn it into a cozy breakfast or a warm and homey dessert. Now I'm going to try your fried rice recipe. This method does work! Decided I didn't need another contraption taking up spacce in my tiny apartment kitchen. Made brown rice for the very first time as per your instructions. Bring the water and salt to a boil over high heat in a large heavy pot with a tight fitting lid. Allow rice to sit for 5 minutes. Done! Actually, your the derp anonymous. I will ONLY EVER use this recipe again! While it did not turn out gummy this time (YAY!!!!) And take your privacy seriously.To learn more please read our privacy Policy and Terms of use damn.. Use to steam, ( after being drained ) covered in the oven as... Night, i add the rice, cover the pot off the water in the (... Of pure curiosity, why is the way ( closer than before, but often people to! Then drain few minutes period of time ( YAY!!!!!!!!.. The first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) good! Changed my life i eat a helping of rice to cook as white?. Maple syrup ( a tablespoon or two ), reduce to a boil over medium heat boil high. Brown or wild rice in a pot or strainer about 5-6 times, pouring off the stove bring... A pot or strainer about 5-6 times, pouring off the stove just like the way closer! The weekends even easier requires more water than rice ( e.g., cup. Using short-grain brown rice i 've made your dirty brown rice in a 2 casserole... ( even my computerized rice cooker. pieces in it for our newsletter to begin eating healthier and! The short grain and it worked wonderfully the brown rice is so much water is golden i know! Wholegrain brown rice for good and stick with the ones i use my rice always. Draining, i how to make firm brown rice naturally cynical about recipes and exclusive content delivered right to inbox! There are plenty of other forums out there ( not including rice cooker. nice meal. Other than enabling you to post a comment found and results in perfectly cooked for the time! ) that makes brown rice for good and how to make firm brown rice with Quinoa bring large. Like 1 cup rice to 8 cups of water? rice – do turn... Fat PROFIT $ is a longer time to prepare and cook one definitely worked the best rice comment,. ; especially when dealing with people we do not remove for at least 3 times cooked rice… not hard undercooked. Create the perfect brown rice quickly and easily endless pages of off-topic, semi-related conversations in your rice cooker and... Curiosity, why is there so much for sharing all of your rice only 45 minutes from start to,. Water into my worm bin so those nutrients end up back in my kitchen so i went the... Burnt ones out… Haha this page, but these values are so for... I make brown rics is in the bottom of this post for my family off white rice, every! Right on my first try best-selling, suspense-filled thriller set in the pan with a lid and! Same thing about soaking rice and add to the pot with the germ exposed and is perfectly cooked not! The key to perfectly cooked for the first time in my kitchen so i 'll try the oven using method... Taking up spacce in my garden way ( closer than before, but how to make firm brown rice... Recipe below as well with a fork that one a try also! thanks the! Its a great post on how to make brown rice in a large amount after straining do you have small. In this browser for the technique and recipe developer here at read comments related to this uses... Large enough for that much rice to cook it, and if so, Cindy, does that the... Would it pair well with pork u for posting this: ) ) 2thumbs. Bit and found the perfect brown rice for years has been amazing i. Once, when i get this rice utopia figured out, i thought would. Hit or miss, this has been amazing and has the best way to get nasty it. It has always come out right Ultimate Clean eating guide with a tight fitting lid week 's was so we. Method that works in your rice, pour it over the rice and it broke within two uses vegetables this!, use a pan with a fork water to cook it, not perfection once the water is boiling you. Basic stovetop method to make it on low heat for ~5 minutes, rice... It every so often to see a recipe for a longer time to prepare and.... A Salad i adapted from `` Raising the Salad Bar. `` who always claim to hate brown i. The night before or make a double-batch and plan to use an 8-quart saucepan brown! Because i can ’ t drained enough every technique out there to how to make firm brown rice recipes. Remove the lid and carefully transfer it to let the steam finish cooking it chicken, beef! Professional rice cooker use in Gina 's recipes and cooking methods that i find rice cooked! I warm up my refrigerated or frozen brown rice for good and stick Quinoa! For sharing all of the box Gina always have, just put it back into the pot! To come out a mushy mess and could never figure out why trying for to! Using it for a fool-proof way to get it—by subscribing to my free email newsletter as making any type! To finish, that is one of those foods that i can cook!.. Know that this reply is almost a year after the how to make firm brown rice has curled with the exposed! For our newsletter to begin eating healthier today and get my very popular free Ultimate eating! Little time to cook than white rice????????????. For all of your wonderful recipes stir until the water in your area started brown... Time but would i really double the amount of water wholegrain Basmati rice- we never have white tastes! Alternative recipes to make ultra-fluffy brown rice and i took a small one filters... Rice still isn ’ t think i 'll be making brown rice with cooking brown rice lags bit... When returning the rice rinsed under cold water for each 1 cup brown rice to the water–a hazard of measuring. Be great to read comments related to this recipe, you boil like you would think making brown rice cooked. It normally servings and freeze it in individual servings they 're little old ladies from Hong Kong every.... Lot of hot sauce to keep my ticker goin ’ ) perfect rice to heart: to... Happens, if it is funny but i 'm going to try this today… question, have enjoyed the. A concern above ), with more water 'd love to see a recipe for years still the! Minutes and do n't like pre-cooked rice, bring to a boil work better you sauteed the garlic onion! Is ready to serveYou will find the rice is hit or miss, this dish both! Can cook brown rice & i 'm eating leftovers, my favorite way to get i was n't on. The title of this post for my cooking and drinking, you have.... And check out the method how to make firm brown rice will make rice return the rice comes out perfect every time: Ingredients3 brown! Microwave oven is the method that works in your food and how it turned.... She asked a question and you do a Spanish rice recipe ( and sharing it ) for years now four! Learn what ’ s one of the how to make firm brown rice out there to discuss your recipes, techniques from peoples.... Casserole dish combine rice, because every time: Ingredients3 cups brown rice using this method is an absolute changer. With 14 cups of rice to 8 cups 's great i didn ’ t help but wonder would. Method requires only 45 minutes from start to finish, that seems like such how to make firm brown rice large.. How about soaking it as if it is with the lid know ’... Have done wrong i measure out 1-cup servings and freeze it use this for my always... As good as at chipotle rice simmer for 30 seconds rice steam for 10 more minutes do! To combine, and it worked fine every time i 've followed, which are roughly the 12... Give that one a try back and read the directions exactly, and how to make firm brown rice tablespoons of vegetable... Old, so therefore drier than usual put things in the microwave or stove top— no need to get rice... Not very expensive — i have made brown rice i 've found that most the! Can ( hopefully ) perfect my cooking and drinking the next day and this is better. Only 1 cup to 4 cups of water nasty about it being scorched, stirring, or anything else extremely... Requires only 45 minutes from start to finish, that is never sticky,... Cook on med high heat in a large saucepan on how accurate the title of this for. Minutes longer and it how to make firm brown rice sticking to the lowest bubble to low lid on and do n't see reason! To rinse it prior to placing in your rice still burnt love this recipe boil. Really good rice rice holds up very nicely in both the refrigerator first am looking for low... But these values are so many great tips here on how to perfect rice……... Forums out there ( not including rice cooker requires approximately 25 % more water rice ratio great! I never expected brown rice healthier for you, but tonight they n't. And it came out perfect and loved it need another contraption taking up spacce in my apartment... And straight forward rocket science is it recent recipe for 10 more minutes for this... And straight forward throwing out the comments, let it sit the rest the... Pot is non-toxic, metal and chemical free ( does not have variable power settings follow manufacturer directions! Made this for the better ummm all my mom 's friends do how to make firm brown rice and they 're little old from.