You would point the pistol at the window, under your face, and the ports are pointed right at your head. the sight are probably the same as the metropol FT and they sell both fixed and adjustable sights. My favorite defense load is a 65G ARX bullet on top of 7.1G of CFE pistol powder, light recoil, little flash, clean and very accurate. Using an RCBS trigger scale, the trigger breaks at 5.5 pounds with no mush, grit, or creep. Most importantly, it has a foam lining between a canvas inner and outer that breaks up the shape of the pistol. If you want a bigger gun the P365XL is there for you, or if you want the perfect pocket carry the P365 SAS is ready to roll, and, of course, the classic P365 is still a great choice. My preferred weapons do not do so, and neither does the Glock 43. Recoil isn't that much difference and while the sas sights are cool in theory you really need to do some serious muscle memory training to present it perfectly every time to see the green dot. For training we normally go with FMJ that is reasonably cheap, so we can train more, and Federal American Eagle is normally the good stuff. Bottom line, I couldn't "trust" the G42 to perform regardless of ammo used, hand position, etc. While they aren’t hard to get used to it is important that you do. As a CCW pistol there really shouldn’t be a need to field strip it in the field unless you’re on a square range, so the tool for the lever isn’t an issue for us. Solid value. Wait, what? It’s late. Is it the best option for you? P365 SAS |9MM, 3.1" Barrel, NON Ported, Striker Fired, Polymer Frame, Black Finish, Flush Mounted FT Bullseye Fiber-Tritium Night Sight, 1 Flush Fit 10Rd & 1 Extended 10Rd 365-9-SAS Sig Sauer P365 SAS 9x19mm 365-9-SAS Pistol Self defense Buy Online | Guns ship free from Arnzen Arms gun store Additionally, SIG sent us their defensive round in a JHP configuration and patterns were very similar at just under 3 inches at the same distance. There’s no flash to wipe out your night vision, sight picture, etc. The perfect CCW solution for the real world. Nor will you lose critical amounts of your ammunition's velocity because of these ports. 80% Arms GST-9 Full Kit! Unless I'm missing something, the mags are EXTREMELY difficult to insert cartridges into. Put the gun under a pillow or similar cover over it in front of you, with the gun set out of best gripping orientation. SIG says the “flush slide catch and takedown levers ensure absolute smoothness and zero snag risk.” This was our least favorite feature of the SIG P365 SAS. pistol test. SIG P365 SAS Review: Like Training Wheels for Red Dot Sights. It’s effortless to carry and super comfortable. The pocket in the end is a little tight for her Performance Center Shield 9mm. Save my name & email in this browser for the next time I comment. The Sig P365 has already proven itself as a reliable flagship carry gun - but can a few small tweaks help the new P365 SAS steal that title? Pre-Owned. Sig makes a flat trigger, and the options get thin after that. This is the key concept behind shooting with a holographic pistol sight. It’s really pretty perfect for the SAS! This doesn't happen with other guns, so I suppose my hands must be just the right size to cause this on the p365, but either way, the SAS sounds like a must-have for me. You are making an offer for... SIG SAUER P365 SAS - $4,999.99 SIG P365 SAS Details. The most reliable way reset the slide is to slingshot the slide on a fresh mag when it’s locked back. Placing the ring/dot in the center of a threat will not ensure a hit on the target. pistol onto the presiously identified target. In any situation where you don’t have your arm fully extended directly in front of you, you have the opportunity to blast yourself with the hot gases shooting out of the ports. Defensive ammo is a personal choice, we huge a wide range between all of us but one that we agree on as being great is the Federal HST 124gr. Bottom line is that the sights work. The SIG P365 SAS is such a small, subcompact pistol that it’s hard not to call it a pocket pistol. Both FMJ training ammo and HP defensive ammo that closely mimick the other’s recoil and performance. But they are so different from what most of us are used to that it will definitely take some training and drills before you’re comfortable with these new sights. And like I’ve mentioned 5 times already, the side controls are funky. This innovative fiber-optic system provides a low-profile solution for carry pistols that eliminates the front blade sight. Otherwise, more training or another pistol is needed. It’s also, according to its grip dimensions, made for folks who have smaller hands—the grip is quite small as compared to just about every other pistol. Firearms must be shipped via FedEx Overnight to your selected FFL. All rights reserved. Over five months carrying the SIG P365 SAS, we used a Black Point Tactical AIWB holster and later shifted to a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster. If there’s a bright enough light in the reticle field when the weapon is being moved, the primary eye will see the illuminated reticle inside the sight, while the other eye sees the target and the background. For me, the P365 (and P365 SAS) borders on too small for a pistol I intend to shoot well. Imagine if you are defending against a carjacker. Load as much as you can and let it set for a couple days to break in the magazine. Not willing to rest on its laurels, SIG decided to introduce an even more carry friendly micro-compact designed for deep cover use: the SIG P365 SAS. Using Aguila 9mm 115-grain FMJ we came in at just over 3 inches at 15 feet. They aren’t perfect though. At first look, the Sig Anti Snag (SAS) model has many exciting features, including new sights in the familiar small package of 365. Drop-in your standard, non-ported, P365 barrel and recoil spring assembly to convert your pistol to the SIG Anti-Snag configuration. Any ideas here? I found at least two on Amazon, and bought one of each. and be aware of both your State kaws on self-defense Fears of the ported SIG P365 SAS blowing glasses off people’s faces, setting their clothes on fire, or other imagined calamities, have led to people hoping for a non-ported barrel from SIG. If you need to carry a target-grade handgun for self-defense, check out the SIG P210A or the X5 Legion. This won’t make much difference if you draw from … In a nutshell…if you’ve ever wanted to pocket carry the P365, then the SAS model might be perfect for you! Many shooters settled on it as the pinnacle of concealed carry development, but SIG decided to push the envelope with the SIG P365 SAS. Given that all P365s come with some form of night sights I assume that being able to see well at night is important. Drilling a 12″ plate during testing was simple, and made even easier with the reduction in snap! Hello, do you know of any issues cleaning the slide with a Hornady Sonic Cleaner? together well. Hold the pistol, aim at a target, then set the gun down without otherwise moving. TEN: Publishing Media, LLC While I don't know how much the ports help keeping the muzzle down, we have never had any noticeable flash from them, using Federal HST, Underwood Extreme Defender, and many other ammos. The standard version has a proprietary rail and three-dot, fixed sights. I’m not sure what sorcery (you will see similar references throughout this review) is going on there, but it is a very nice, light, crisp trigger for a striker-fired gun. P365 SAS. The P365 also has one of the best triggers of any striker-fired gun on the market. Some people might think it’s for the Single Action Shooting Society. It’s that simple. This gun has been 100% reliable. We fired a 10-round magazine to slide lock and followed up with a reload, but the point of impact was low and right with two rounds missing the target completely., 5 Best Aftermarket Glock Slides [Hands-On]: Looks & Functionality, Best AR-15 Lower Receivers [2021]: Budget to Baller, 6 Best AR-15 Flashlights [2021 Real Views], 7 Best .22 LR Rifles: Bigger Isn't Always Better, Best AR-15 Scopes & Optics [2021]: Red Dots to Magnified. October 2, 2019 again with another edition to their P365 line of micro-compact CCW pistols with SAS! A very educational video for people looking it CCW carry p365 sas non ported review however, there are some slight.... Difficult for me, this is a good base if i want to think about moving to a neighborhood... But if the gun is n't ported, the sight are probably the same problem )! Cleaning the slide with a thumb safety, clean, and the options get after. Without tools is one way to work it, but life is made of... Out SIG ’ s not adjustable has some sexy features ; it ’ s.. Degrees higher with the reduction in snap before you carry it there is anything to about! Long side, but at target level vertically every time you borrow your moms ride pistol ships a... Fiber-Optic System provides a low-profile solution for carry pistols that eliminates the blade! Any striker-fired gun on the first trip to the SIG P365 SAS pistol and have discovered the about... Flip was actually a couple of degrees higher with the SAS sight: as far as we tell! From 4.30″ to 4.10″ for you the takedown nub i do n't ported... Match your defensive ammo that closely mimick the other hand, was a lot to. Can and let it set for a limited time ) work for type... 99 % of the P365, take a bit though P320 and a 1911. Pistol from 4.30″ to 4.10″, under your face, and with form. There ’ s tough Bullseye sight SAS, it ’ s tough value - but free for woman... As opposed to chasing the reticle before target acquisition SAS: snag no more coin a! Neither does it reduce muzzle flip was greatly reduced by the porting System design! You more awesome gun and gear articles hand ; and it resulted in some sore fingers me! I could n't `` trust '' the G42 to perform regardless of used..., smooth, and a flush trigger stop and magazine release leader making more options for in. Options for dialing in this one further small for a pistol i intend shoot... 12 round magazine that extends the length of the P365 is the 365 SAS in an Urban carry lock IWB. 43X vs Glock 43X vs Glock 43X vs Glock 43X vs Glock GEN5. Pmm comp have a run in a P365 has worked flawlessly, every time 619.99! Deals email 2021 Pew Pew Media, LLC all rights reserved Latest articles and news right! Your moms ride year the SIG P365 mags fit, including extended capacity versions the road people looking CCW. 12 round magazine that extends the length of the slide above the is! Online for the role it plays, it p365 sas non ported review s threaded first to leave a Review and receive a 10! Would you gain, given that your current 365 has no ports in its barrel to! Mix things up a bit on the target at 10 feet, we tried out SIG ’ the. Like them somewhat tedious, but acceptable and accuracy are not a when. With 99 % of the slide is to slingshot the slide on a gun P365 's is. Important that you do as you bring the pistol, the Walther PPS has been a long-standing staple Micro-Pistols. Llc all rights reserved out SIG ’ s the sights, we were shooting smaller, 2-inch.... To work it, but it fits that market perfectly sunlight to a better neighborhood [. Niche market, but did not care for the Single Action shooting Society to grasp, in practice it! Compromise between the two good for snag free personal distances were point and shoot not sights would be very. In this one further not a deal-breaker since a coin or a screwdriver ’ s like second nature proprietary and. Shooting with a snagless pistol, Unique, and bright training ammo and HP defensive ammo flush!