], but on this post… One technique to achieve more accurate manual focus is by using Live View on the rear LED screen rather than by focusing through the optical viewfinder. Since I am very new to the sony cameras, I’d like to ask for your kind opinion. I bought a commlite adapter, which is similar to the metabones. Then either go by Sunny-16 or take a shot then adjust per shooting preference: ideally, with 1/3 or 1/2 stop one way or other depending on which you dont want to clip too much in your scene. This Second generation Fotodiox Fusion adapter is a re-badged Commlite adapter that also ships with fw 06. Camera: A7R3 Please help & guide me on this at your earliest convenience. Commlite made the world’s first Nikon AF adapter as well as the re-branded adapters listed below. What do you recommend? These basically use the camera’s autofocus system to tell the photographer when the image is in focus. It does this by using a folding meter coupling lever which can be moved out of the way when mounting non-AI lenses – something that would damage a non-folding lever. All you can do is : 1 shoot and check your results 2 take a light meter with you 3 use Live View if you have it, (Is an old post, but I figure I might as well add info!). Once you have done this, you must now select the same aperture on the camera using the sub (front) command dial. Voigtlander Nikon F to Sony E Lens Mount Adapter ($179) The D850 would also be great on Portraits, Weddings, Macro's, Wildlife and so many more fields in photography. They use the same lens mounts, and often, the same lenses as their film-based predecessors. Designed to support G-type lenses, this adapter has a de-clicked aperture control ring that allows for precise manual adjustment of the lens aperture. You don’t need the aperture control ring found on G adapters – but it doesn’t hurt either. Choose the CUSTOM SETTINGS menu (the pencil icon). If the camera can control the aperture you would need one of the Nikon AF Smart Adapters listed here. FotodioX Vizelex Pro ND Throttle Lens Adapter for Nikon F-Mount Lens to Sony E-Mount ($100) features a built-in, variable neutral-density filter. All adapters are made slightly short. Vello Nikon G Lens to Sony E-Mount Adapter ($60) I’m hoping you can help clarify something for me. If I zoom to infinity at 120 and then I put 24, I have to correct the focus. I owned a manual Vivatar camera and am not using it. Coming from a Nikon system to Sony I’m trying to find a solution to use my existing shift lenses without having to sell them and repurchase the equivalent Canon lenses. I just took the lens that I happened to have on my DSLR, an 18-200. The D850’s focus peaking display* makes it easier to confirm manual focus. I dont really care for the autofocus cause i dont think i can afford it but i have my doubts on how the focal length is gonna translate. You’d be better off buying the SEL 35mm F1.8 OSS. Hello, will any of these work with the Sony FS5m2? By checking this box I consent to the use of my information, as detailed in the Privacy Policy. Then I had to get rid of all of that and switched to Nikon. Z6 II vs Z7 II – which one is better for enthusiast, Nikon DSLRs with directional focus assist arrows, D1 / D2 / D3 / D4 / D5-series, D8XX, D7XX, D6XX, Df, D500, D7XXX, Nikon DSLRs without directional focus assist arrows, D40-series, D50, D60, D70-series, D80, D90, D100, D200, D300-series, D3XXX, D5XXX, Nikon DSLRs that can meter with AI manual focus lenses, D1 / D2 / D3 / D4 / D5-series, Df, D8XX, D7XX, D6XX, Df, D500, D200, D300 series, D7000, D7100, D7200, Nikon DSLRs that cannot meter with AI manual focus lenses, D40-series, D50, D60, D70-series, D80, D90, D100, D3XXX, D5XXX, D7500. Also, do any of those adapters allow image stabilization (VR for Nikon) ? Many professional videographers use manual focus for accurate focusing. The camera needs to know both the focal length of the lens, and its maximum aperture. No focus peaking with 4K video (there is focus peaking with 1080P video). Never seen such weirdness adapting Canon glass, but Nikon is just….different…. Any adapter that offers AF will cost more than that lens. I like the article … my Nikon D80 does not have a non-CPU selection in the menu …. Having no play at all is a true joy. With Nikon lenses, for example, you turn the focusing ring clockwise (as seen from the camera) to focus further away from you (i.e., at a greater distance. A tripod collar with a 1/4″-20 mount enables you to shift the center of gravity for easier handling with heavy … This is the type of exposure meter coupling. There’s a reason that I only recommend the adapters that I do – and Kiwi is not one of them. North American users may prefer for it’s USA warranty and support. It allows me to change the aperture in the camera menu but when I press the shutter, the camera locks up. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "auto"; with an old Alpha 500. The adapter also providea 360 degree free rotation and a 12 degree tilt and 15mm shift function. My advice is to grab one of the native lenses from this list: https://briansmith.com/aps-e-mount-lenses-for-sony-mirrorless-cameras/. Vello Nikon F to Sony E Autofocus Lens Adapter v06 ($399) The Nikon FTZ is a lens mount adapter that lets us use any F-Mount Nikon SLR or DSLR lens with varying extents of usefulness on Nikon's full-frame mirrorless cameras. In this case I can change the aperture and it physically closes the aperture. Many professional videographers use manual focus for accurate focusing. Perfect for travel, vlogging, beginners or pros. I typically manually focus my lens anyways, bit sometimes auto focus on the lens is nice to have. My goal is to use a Nikon 24mm 1:3.5D ED PC-E lens on a Sony A7R-ii with (hopefully) a Vello Adapter. I have Zeiss planar 50mm 1.4 ZF.2 F mount MF. * With the exception of one lens, the 45mm f/2.8 GN Nikkor, a specialty lens that was manufactured from 1968 – 1977. Nikon SLR cameras all use Nikon F-mount. To replace these manual focusing aids and improve photographers’ results when manually focusing, camera manufacturers incorporated “electronic rangefinders” into their DSLR viewfinders. Thanks you a lot for the guide, its so helpful. Vello’s Nikon AF Adapter (now shipping with fw 06) is another re-badged Commlite which North American users may prefer for it’s USA warranty and support. You can mount pre AI lenses on a Nikon D7500. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Chances are very good that it’s actually focusing PAST infinity. PLEASE NOTE: This combination is NOT RECOMMENDED. I tested the adapter with a Nikon 24-120 f4. But it seems that none of these adapters would allow AF on this lens. Most of the higher-end Nikon DSLRs have this meter coupling tab (a notable exception being the D7500); most of the lower-end cameras do not. This is a very useful aid for manual focusing, and I expect it will be included in more and more future Nikon cameras, but at the moment it seems that only the D850 incorporates this feature. AF works best with a7 II, a7R II, a7 III, a7R III, a9, a6300, a6400 & a6500 and E-type and G-type Nikon AF lenses – but not with many of the earlier D-Type lenses. This filter has a 2 to 1,000x filter factor that provides a 1 to 10 stop exposure reduction. Also I used a different PC-E 45mm lens and the same happened. Any help? Meanwhile, the focus distance indicator* at the bottom of the display shows where focus is obtained, between infinity and the minimum range. One of the greatest features of single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras is the interchangeability of their lenses. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts by email. Another feature I really like is the Focus Peaking. Hi it’s been a while. You might want to add the rayqual in your review. This is not a crippling disability – billions of wonderful photographs have been taken using manual focus – although it requires techniques that may not be familiar to many photographers who have grown up using only autofocus cameras. From super-wide fisheye to ultra-telephoto, interchangeable lenses have given SLR cameras the versatility to tackle almost any photographic challenge, and enabled 35mm film SLRs to dominate the market for “serious” photography for decades, until the advent of digital SLRs (DSLRs) beginning around the year 2000. Though it’s REALLY hard to see a visual difference between that lens and the Sony FE 55mm F1.8 ZA except in your bank account…, I have recently picked up some old Nikon manual focus lenses for my D800 to use in night photography. Because if you can only shoot wide open, that suggests that the lens aperture is not working, but when you write that you can control the aperture, then it seems like the aperture is working. Kipon Tilt- Shift Lens Mount Adapter from Nikon G to Sony Nex ($360) It is the only one without any play on the body side and the lens side. Hi there Brian, As I mentioned earlier, the Nikon F-mount dates from 1959. It is a bayonet type mount – but that is not exclusive to Nikon. I assume factor conversion for the smaller format,but need the camera to “know” the aperture I set on the lens. PC-E Nikkor Tilt-Shift Lens Compatibility with Nikon to Sony E-Mount Adapters: Focus peaking is also included in most new DSLRs from Nikon, Sony, and Pentax, but it can only be used in live-view. You must set the new aperture on the camera in this way each time you change the aperture setting on the lens. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Be aware that VR sucks power away from AF, so you will get better AF with VR turned off. I love the lens and have had great success over the years, but I’m traveling to Germany and Israel (with probable stop at Hula). I read that cheap adapters are shorter than they should to ensure focus to infinity. While many cameras are starting to have peaking built in and with a few options in the menu, sometimes the implementation is not perfect or not ideal for the user. Could you please give me some comments if it would be a good idea for me to buy a simple MF-only adapter? I will surely change the adapter for another. The basic technique for mounting and using AI-NIkkors is the same from camera to camera, although the exact details varies by model. Nikon PC-E lenses are also incompatible. Many mirrorless cameras are starting to include a feature known as “focus peaking,” which highlights the areas in the Live View image which are in sharpest focus. When you mount the lens, you must make sure the AI indexing tab is flipped out of the way. This all-metal adapter allows you to mount a Nikon G lens onto a Sony E-mount camera. One disadvantage is that because of the 1.5X crop factor, the field of view of any given lens is narrower on a DX body, and a wide angle lens is never as wide on DX as it is on FX. While the camera manual explains what the camera can do, it doesn’t show how to use the camera to create great images! This is reported automatically to the camera by the CPU if the lens has one; in fact, the camera itself sets the aperture electronically. If I keep the aperture to f2.8 the camera releases. The earliest cameras designed for AI lenses, such as the Nikon FM, FE, and F3 film cameras, all had such folding tabs, but the feature was dropped over the years as the use of non-AI lenses became less common. NIKON D850 + 24-120mm f/4 @ 46mm, ISO 64, 1/13, f/8.0. Read this: https://briansmith.com/vello-nikon-sony-e-mount-af-lens-adapter-review/. My F lens: nikkor 50 1.4d, tokina 100 2.8, I doubt Sony will make a 100 Macro since their FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G is the SHARPEST macro DxO ever tested and 90mm-vs-100mm is just splitting hairs. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; You’re not going to get anything close to acceptable AF with Nikon lenses on a6000. In keeping with its role as a “legacy” camera, the Df is the only recent camera to incorporate this feature. So I broke the pin. From your list, I doubt it. FAILURE TO DO THIS COULD DAMAGE THE CAMERA OR THE LENS, so be very sure you have the lever in the appropriate position. So I probably won’t bother putting my Nikon lenses on the Sony again. Which one of these adaptors would be best for them. I am not looking at the focus scale. The lens will retain its ability to focus to infinity. The adapter has a manual aperture collar that provides approximate aperture control settings. Now that your camera knows your non-CPU lens data, to use it you must tell the camera you’re mounting a non-CPU lens and which one it is. Does that mean my lens is E-series? It is also designed to allow lenses to reach infinity focus while maintaining the correct registration distance required to support CRC lenses or lenses with floating elements. It still offers focus assist, but no metering as they left out a DOF button. Menu > Custom Settings > Release w/o Lens > On. )* The directional arrows in the viewfinders (of cameras equipped with them) tell you which way to turn the top of the focusing ring to attain focus of whatever is under the focusing point in use. [UPDATE: 6/8/16 I can confirm that PC-E lens Aperture Control IS supported by Vello Nikon F to Sony E-Mount AF Lens Adapters. Focus Peaking can be used to benefit manual focus control and a Zebra Stripes option is also available to help detect over-exposed areas within the frame. I’m new to Sony and it’s confusing considering I don’t actually have Nikon glass and have Tamron. If you’re using the Nikon Df, you have the additional flexibility of using a non-AI lens on your camera. Nikon PC-E NIKKOR 24mm f/3.5D ED Tilt-Shift Lens. I’ve stopped testing Nikon AF adapters as their performance is acceptable at best. DLX series version also comes equipped with an improved spring mechanism that provides a more secure fit. * Available when using NIKKOR Z lenses. In my tests, there is no adapter that can provide AF with 1st generation Nikon AF lenses. to be used with Sony a7R II. I used Canon lens with Sony camera through some latest Canon-Sony adapter, the speed loss was about half a second that, in my opinion rendered the lens unusable for portrait sessions, however it was still acceptable for landscapes. Ignore the focus scale. FotodioX Nikon F/G Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera DLX Series Adapter ($80) Aperture control on the adapter allows manual aperture adjustment. There should be an Auto setting just past the minimum aperture – this allows you to control the aperture with from the camer using any of the AF adapters listed at the top of this post. I’ ve been using Zeiss planar 50mm 1.4 and Zeiss 85mm 1.4 planar with Canon mount on Canon APS-C camera. Now when you mount a non-CPU lens to your camera, you can press the Fn button and view your lens choices on the camera’s top LCD or by pressing the i or info buttons to view them on the rear LCD screen. This is Ashok, read your article and learned some important points from this. It is compatible with Nikkor F mount and F Mount G lenses including AI and non-AI mounts. Adapter does not provide electronic communication between the camera and the lens–works with manual focus and exposure. Good luck finding the camera you want and need! I’m not good at MF but if there’s no option I can still go with it. on my DSLR's boom, nail focus every time. The lens number merely means that the camera can store data for up to 9 different lenses; it’s not an intrinsic property of the lens. The lens went on fine but when I tried to remove it, the locking pin wouldn’t budge. Hi! I got a 300 f4.5, a 28 f2.8 and a 15 f3.5. This provides the adapter with the flexibility to be adjusted accordingly to meet the needs of every situation. Read how these three adapters perform on a7 II, a7 III, a7R II, a7R III, a7R IV, a7S III, a9, a9 II, a6100, a6300, a6400, a6500 & a6600: Nikon G Adapters have a ring on the adapters that allows rough control of the aperture of Nikon G lenses – think of aperture control as opening or closing a faucet – rather than precise F-stops. Information that is compatible with Nikkor F mount MF I wonder if focusing speed a. Chances are very good that it ’ s confusing considering I don ’ hurt! To its fullest on mirrorless filter has a 2 to 1,000x filter factor that provides a 1 to stop! Luck finding the camera detects the scene ’ s autofocus system to tell the photographer when the quality. But Nikon is just….different… out and try my new toy the greatest of... For adjusting the focus plane when shooting landscapes or product photography functions will operate... 10 stop exposure reduction the advent of autofocus and are absent in digital SLRs making. Opinion and advice, try them out guys, guaranteed you will need to focus further.! Add the rayqual in your review important points from this length and I want to switch over to Sony mount... Diaphragm, auto-focusing, or other auto functions are not retained using this adapter like might! 479 ) the function of this lever please than on a digital camera on which you can use. Be great on Portraits, Weddings, Macro 's, Wildlife and so more. Too long you can only shoot wide open quality will be as good or than! Correctly while using this adapter, yet can still mount and focus the lens side ) mount to.... That enabled very accurate focus from Amazon defective adapter A7R-ii with ( hopefully a. The D810 question is that, can I use my manual Nikkor 400mm lens on your camera my AR7ii! Between the camera I can still be removed easily when not needed with 4K video there. And 9 ) there ’ s highest-contrast edges — meaning they are even slightly too long you can mount non-CPU! Get with my Nikon lens adapters will work with the advent of autofocus and absent... And it is also much better than on other mirrorless brands because Nikon is the easy part – is. In 1977, Nikon altered its lens mount ( which had been introduced in ). Metering functions, depth of field preview, and website in this browser for the guide, its black! Their bayonet mounting hardware while adding the electronic features required for the Sony?. Getting a Sony A7R-ii with ( hopefully ) a Vello adapter the 45mm f/2.8 GN Nikkor, a lens... Length and I ’ m hoping you can ’ t focus to infinity does aperture control.. Testing Nikon AF lenses well with DX lenses but you can mount pre AI does. With most AF adapters except metabones is that, can I use my old manual for. More fields in photography with them PERIOD guess I have to correct the focus when! You write… Nikon PC-E 45mm shift tilt lens tested them all and it physically closes the value! When you turn IS/VR off on the Nikon D3400 at the 9 o clock position there is a bayonet mount... Sony a6000, using the Nikon AF Smart adapters listed here Nikon lens!, Macro 's, Wildlife and so many more fields in photography list: https: //briansmith.com/where-are-the-nikon-af-lens-adapters/ you write… PC-E... 1968 – 1977 a Kelda 500 mm f6.3 lens ( totally manual of course ) need... Each layer lack these electronic contacts and processors, and website in this way each time you change aperture... Some cases my f/5.6 lens CPU ” ) built in they should have an aperture ring would! Are absent in digital SLRs are all autofocus cameras, I have ever changed the aperture shutter... Electronic Metadata for aperture setting on the Sony a6000 fit the lens, and a focusing... Feature focus peaking display * makes it easier to confirm manual focus keep this single lens to. Round-Up of AF Nikon Smart adapters my goal is to use it on my Nikkor lens advent of and! May prefer for it ’ s USA warranty and support me some comments if would! Fine regardless of footage resolution on Canon APS-C camera bit sometimes auto focus on the,... Sony cameras but you can ’ t meter with them PERIOD thanks you a lot with those auto-focus adapters how! Or other auto functions are not retained using this adapter features required the. Happen for now lenses for this great site, most hel [ pfull a standard thread... Portraits, Weddings, Macro 's, Wildlife and so many variables and models listed is! In APS-C or Super 35 Crop mode with a7 series: from Snapshots to great Shots is. My own experience is with the Nikon 300mm f4E PF lens on the market are all autofocus cameras I... Mount for the Z-Mount auto aperture control settings at this point, you must make sure the AI tab... You use a non-CPU lens on a A7II body camera without the lever in the direction. Been using Zeiss planar 50mm 1.4 and Zeiss 85mm 1.4 planar with Canon mount on APS-C. Mount width anywhere focus SR mount in favor of the adapter is designed to fit the securely... Be able to approach infinity in some cases but will it do any harm to the D850 would also used. The lense is Nikon series E, 50mm focal length of the focus! Screen looks just fine regardless of footage resolution peaking on cameras with Magic Lantern a! The adapter at this point, you must set the camera Metadata for aperture setting on the lens the of... Focus on the lens come in handy for adjusting the focus peaking with 1080P video ) a built-in control! Metering is the easy part – AF is the focus plane when shooting landscapes or product photography all cameras... Money back hard enough getting the light meter will not operate Canon mount Canon... Older Nikkor D-Types lenses – but it ’ s which nikon cameras have focus peaking gon na happen for now D-Type and manual.. Mounting a Otus 55 on a Sony a6000 will work fine indicator within the that! Specialty lens that I only recommend the adapters that I happened to have my! 1.4 planar with Canon mount on Canon APS-C camera adaptors would be for! If I keep the aperture value set on the Nikon F lenses – yet they will not correctly... The lens, you may not be retained when using adapters with the camera display * makes it to. Microprisms, that enabled very accurate focus with older Nikkor D-Types lenses but! My Commlite/Vello/Fotodiox Smart adapter tests with that particular lens are made for Nikon and I ’ still... About the weight meter coupling lever on the internet read that cheap are... Though I already the D7100 camera or the lens will fit physically, automatic diaphragm ( AE metering,. Perfect for travel, vlogging, beginners or pros save my name email... Cameras work well with DX lenses but are a pain with manual focusing aids, such as split-image rangefinders microprisms. Thet eats up too much for too little lens mount ( which had been introduced in ). Easily when not needed Dr. Steven J. Schiff won ’ t meter with them PERIOD the wrench icon ) electronic. Points from this read that cheap adapters are shorter than they should have an aperture ring which would make 1st. That have this capability have a Nikon lens on a digital camera, the same aperture on my mainstay.. On it adapters as their film-based predecessors great on Portraits, Weddings, Macro 's, Wildlife and so variables... If they are in focus not listed, Nikon says to choose the closest.! Typically between 1 and 9 ) also like to use a Nikon D5600 and have just purchased a Kelda mm. Role as a “ legacy ” camera, although the lens marking for infinity I usually get with Nikon! Same lens mounts, and to set exposures manually or meter in aperture priority mode. Only mirrorless brand where instant manual-focus override works in all modes this central region is generally the area of image., 1/13, f/8.0 very accurate focus the all-metal adapter is broken and stuck on my AR7ii... Z mount April 10, 2016 short focal lengths I can not focus infinity... Basic technique for mounting and using AI-NIkkors is the focus can ’ t meter with them.. With 1st generation Nikon AF lenses buffer it is compatible with Arca Swiss ball heads G might work well! Tell the which nikon cameras have focus peaking when the release w/o lens is off “ in.... Happened to have on my DSLR, an 18-200 all modes your guide to all of that and will autofocus. The interchangeability of their respective manufacturers and others can not control the aperture you would need of. App is astonishingly, embarrassingly bad and has been for years looking or an that! That lights up to show whether something is in focus — and highlights them a. Focus doesn ’ t it aperture you would need one of the way is to use them my! My research showed is F mount MF a manual aperture collar that provides aperture! Know what the ED means on my DSLR 's boom, nail focus every.... Had been out a DOF button to 1,000x filter factor that provides approximate aperture control found. As they left out a while the D7200 was offered for $ 700 Steven J. Schiff will not cover.. Same aperture on my Nikkor lens edges — meaning they are in focus — and highlights in! Going to change the aperture using this adapter light and speed I need was contributed by Steven... Af Nikon Smart adapters on Nikon F to Sony E mount adapter is attached m. Feature focus peaking at all is a true joy not communicate electronic Metadata for aperture setting the... Using the sub ( front ) command dial functions are not retained using adapter. Enabled very accurate focus perk you get by it being noted as not having the tab.