What, 1:1, so no winner? There were dancers that danced all the time, the true heroes of the tournament if you ask me! Maybe the World Cup Final in when we won against Argentina, people went completely nuts is comparable! It doesn’t really matter what´s happening on the field, we cheer anyway. We started of with rugby. Public viewing was a disappointment, as the screen was way too small. Are international schools really worth the huge fee? Well, that’s it for my first week of … Come with me on my first few days of study abroad in Korea at Yonsei University! here are my pros and cons of each. Cheering was an amazing experience. You basically bar-hop all the time, cheer and scream. 50 Yonsei-ro Seodaemun-gu Seoul, 03722, Republic of Korea T 82 2 2123 3977, 6493, 3987 F 82 2 2123 8706 W oia.yonsei.ac.kr E study@yonsei.ac.kr Created Date I am planning on doing an exchange program to Korea in spring of 2019 but I am completely stuck between Yonsei and Korea University. The University makes several provisions for international students including the Global Lounge, a complex that houses the 3500 students from 69 countries. YISS continues to grow and evolve, accommodating the needs of a rapidly changing student body and meeting the challenges of a fast-paced global society. Also, I hear that Yonsei is closer to the "exciting" parts of Seoul than KU is, but is it really a big deal? I want stay there for 4 years but my mom didn't want me stay too long.... so I decided 2 years...yeah :U. I may see you at Yonsei or Korea Universities. If there's any other information that I should probably know about either university, good or bad, I would love to hear it! No chance! Required fields are marked *. Plus, I will only be taking some elective classes there (like learning Korean and taking some cultural-type classes too), so I won't be studying anything that's in my major. Annyeonghaseyo! I was originally going to apply for KU only and put Yonsei as a backup, but I keep finding all of these blogs and information about studying abroad at Yonsei University, but not much about Korea University. Well, apparently, the games were over and we tied with Yonsei. Patience is not my strength, I was in a very bad mood. Yonsei University offers many academic programs and gives students the choice to either attend the campus in Sinchon or Wonju. Does Bcom, ACCA qualification help me earn descent salaried jobs in the US. The "ㅇ" and "ㅅ" in the University shield derived from the first letters of each syllable in "연세" (Yonsei). How Rhode Island stumbled in its vaccine rollout. Personally, i would choose yonsei. This study abroad program comes with courses that offers interesting insight into Korean language, religion, philosophy, economics, politics, and business. Does Yonsei really have a better experience for International students? Is the journey from KU to downtown Seoul really that much longer than it is from Yonsei? Yonsei has exchange agreements with 665 universities in 70 countries around the world, making it the largest program of its kind in Korea. What are the admission requirements for undergraduate study in US medical schools? Winter Abroad at Yonsei; Winter Abroad at Yonsei (WAY) is a relatively new program, started 2013. The Office of International Affairs(OIA) is in charge of Yonsei University’s main non-degree programs for international students. Culture University symbols. I am an American student and I would like to study abroad in South Korea and I am stuck between Yonsei and KU. About the Program. Study Abroad with Malmö University Spend a semester abroad during your education! We had the usual dinner and soju and then headed for a bar. Yonsei University is the oldest private university in Korea and was first established in 1885.Yonsei is a highly ranked, leading institution for higher education and research in Asia. Winter Abroad at Yonsei(WAY) provides two 3-week sessions of academic courses along with afternoon Korean Language class or Taekwondo class. I noticed that no one has replied to you yet so I figured I'd put my two cents in (probably less than two cents). Yonsei University is a dynamic learning environment that holds many events and activities throughout the year, including the annual Spring Mu-Ak Festival and the annual Yonsei-Korea University Friendship Games in the fall. I'm sure I'll still have fun at KU, but I would like to be close to that classic Seoul atmosphere that I hear about; is that silly to consider? But yonsei is in seoul, so i guess it's a matter of better uni vs having fun whichever you prefer. Posted on September 21, 2015 by Lena. Next spring I am planning to study abroad in South Korea, and I am torn between two programs. Weird concept. Winter in Korea is filled with excitement. Explore the 'Land of the Morning Calm,' which received its title due to the mild coastal and mountainous climate. Yonsei University. We cheered through the hole match and even the break. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ... Posted on September 21, 2015 by Lena. We had to get up early on the second day of the match. Yonsei University - Winter Details and Cost. Students enrolled in the summer program in Seoul are eligible to participate in Yonsei University's Korea Summer Internship Program (approximately 20 hours per week; 3-credit course). ???? ARRGGG. Yonsei appears to have a first-class international program. Yonsei vs. Korea University. I specifically chose Yonsei University among other Korean universities because it is known for its diversity and provision of an easily accessible exchange program for Cornell students. I have never experienced something like this. So I guess this really only comes down to what type of area (rural, city, etc) you want to study in rather than one university being better curriculum wise. First Day. Yonsei's exchange student program sends nearly 1,600 students abroad every year and receives more than 1,100 international exchange students. OIA also arranges tailor-made programs for overseas partner universities. Students can also experience Yonsei during the summer or winter by attending the Yonsei International Summer School (YISS) or Winter Abroad at Yonsei (WAY) programs. I know that Yonsei is ranked way better than Konkuk, which will also cost me an extra few thousand dollars, but I am more interested about what is around the two universities, and what life is like at either of them. Come to a city filled with energy, where you can see traditional palaces and temples just as much as high-end shops and cafés while hearing the latest K-Pop music. hours to get in. 10 were here. She lives in an international dorm (SK Global House) and has made friends from all over the world. Each school's student clubs organize programs in academic, cultural, athletic and artistic areas to bring students, faculty and alumni together. Only those who had tickets watched Basketball and Ice Hockey. KU won the last years, so Yonsei students didn’t really bother to show up. There was free beer and snacks. Last weekend we had the annual match between Korea University and Yonsei University. Whichever you choose, I wish you luck :). Yonsei University is one of the oldest and well-known educational institutions in South Korea. The other groups mingled with the locals and have a crazy night. They were expecting the stadium to be packed, as no one had classes at uni. Yonsei International Summer School (YISS) is located minutes away from Seoul's metropolitan downtown. Cheering in the burning sun for the whole day is an experience!! After Baseball we tried to get into the Basketball stadium. Yonsei. We waited for 4 (!!!) Immerse yourself into Korean winter at Yonsei university, Seoul, Korea. Defray costs with the help of UCEAP scholarships—every UC student can apply for … The winter program is composed of two separate 3-week sessions which start in late December. I wanted to dance on the street and get free stuff, not having to sit in a stupid bar where nothing was free. The atmosphere was fantastic, even if the game was rather boring (I guess Baseball was neither the strength of both teams). It opened a new world for me, a world that has changed my life forever. I am happy to be here! There was so much going on. There are those questions that matter and can be best answered by students who are already studying abroad in Seoul, Korea and experiencing campus life at Yonsei University. Yonsei University lies on a 245-acre campus in Sinchon in western Seoul. Maybe for the better, Afterwards we all dance together, there were no fights and everybody was happy. I was one of the first people at the stadium. Home Outgoing Students Programs All Programs Winter Programs Korea Yonsei University - Winter. Yonsei was really in a better shape. Written by: Ki Moon, Foster School undergraduate, Foster Exchange in Korea “Change your mind and it will change your life.” I changed my mind by choosing to study at the Yonsei University by applying through the Foster School of Business. Welcome to Yonsei University! Some of my friends were basically forced to drink . Program options include summer, semester, and academic year terms, all in one of the most 'wired' cities in the world: Seoul. I was slightly sad that we had not managed to shot the winning goal. YISS offers a choice of more than 100 courses during a six-week program taught by both Yonsei and distinguished … Study Abroad; Info for our bloggers; Post navigation ← Previous Next → Korea vs Yonsei. Brady reaches out to Chiefs star over altercation, Dems unveil bill for child payments up to $3,600, Brady led and the Bucs followed all the way, http://photographymasterclass.enle.info/?CJ6T. You can sign in to vote the answer. It offers freedom, energy, creativity, culture while pursuing the values of academic research and truth. Yonsei University offers many academic programs and gives students the choice to either attend the campus in Sinchon or Wonju. Somehow, group 2 did not do anything special. Next was football. Start your study abroad at the heart of Seoul, Yonsei University, Sinchon campus, Korea! Are Russian schools better than Canadian schools academically? Yonsei is the most international university in Korea. Yonsei exchange student and 2019 AKARAKA student dance performer Max Abrams talks about his love for K-pop and dance as well as the Korean culture and language and shares his memorable experiences during his semester abroad at Yonsei University. Unfortunately I missed that, but just seeing old people completely drunk and dancing all night long was worth it.I had to get up early anyway to go to Everland, a theme park close to Seoul. Bars and restaurants hung up KU posters. Last weekend we had the annual match between Korea University and Yonsei University. We all had so many bruises everywhere. I don't know how to choose them....I want they have a photography, arts, dance and korean culture (food, history, language, etc..) South Korea is really cool~! degree? I don't have first hand experience but my daughter is at Yonsei right now on a 1-year study abroad program from San Francisco State. They told us to come as early as possible and then we realized it didn’t matter anyway! I was disappointed, I wanted to be where the people were. How do you think about the answers? We complained and were confused (westerners again). Yonsei International Summer School (YISS) invites students to take courses at one of the world's premier universities in the heart of Seoul, Korea. I left and walked along the street enjoying the view of seeing old and young people dancing and partying together. Really impressive! We screamed and cheered as loud as we could. We were all super tired and exhausted after all that jumping. Should you count calories when trying to lose weight? Seoul’s highly-rated mass transportation system makes it easy to get around the city and take in all this vibrant metropolis has to offer. Ensconced in a spacious, picturesque and natural setting located minutes away from the economic, political, and cultural centers of Seoul's metropolitan area, Yonsei is located in a student-orientated area of the city with Ewha Women's, Sogang, Hongik, and Kyunggi Universities located nearby. At the end it was 1:1 and the game just shopped. What are the difference between international and non-international schools? After practicing cheering we could finally use all the things we learned. At the end of the first day KU was leading with 2:1. Korean language study is optional. Yonsei University offers exclusive undergraduate programs in English through its Underwood International College (UIC). Or is there just a disproportionate amount of international students going to Yonsei? I've never heard anything about KU. Winter in Korea is filled with excitement. Chiefs owe injured girl more than 'prayers', Kevin O'Leary: Stop 'sending everybody free money', Mahomes's mom dogs refs in playful tweet to Gisele, 200 missing, feared dead after glacier collapse. Due to its academic excellence and diverse course offerings, Yonsei University is consistently ranked as the top private university in Korea. I basically have no voice and more bruises that I can count. Did Brady pull a Jordan with Nike logo cover-up? I love football, therefore I had high expectations of the match. Given that there does not seem to be a high profile program at KU, Yonsei seems like an excellent choice. There was a stage, playing all the cheering songs (like we hadn’t cheered enough already). With UCEAP, study abroad is built into UC and financial aid is specially packaged to cover expenses abroad.