If you do your research you can find many ideas on forums on how to take extra gas with you on a stand up jet ski; like installing a small gas container in place of the tool kit or strapping it on the front of the deck. It was fast, very fast. How Do You Remove It. – Smaller dimensions On the other hand, it offers an amazing top speed (62 mph) in stock condition, and its improved stability is a huge advantage for beginners and larger riders. In remembrance of previous decades, in 2011 Kawasaki released a special edition SX-R 800, which features a logo with „Commemorating 37 Years of Jet Ski.”. The In-line engine in the 2005 Kawasaki Jet Ski 800 SX-R Personal Watercraft has a displacement of 781 cc which is 5.06% more than its competition.. DOHC, 16-valve, fuelinjected, 4-stroke In-Line Four engine displaces 1,498 cm3 and has a bore/stroke ratio of 83.0 x 69.2 mm. Shop our large selection of 2006 Kawasaki JET SKI 800 SX-R (JS800A6F) OEM Parts, original equipment manufacturer parts and more online or call at (231)737-4542 To the regret of many fans, for 4 years Kawasaki didn’t manufacture stand up jet skis. This should provide good performance and a good starting point to tune the pipe to your particular application. Kit relocates air intake to front of engine compartment near factory hull vents delivering improved throttle response and top-speed. 2003 JS800A. This means the SX-R 800 prices range from $4,000 to $8,000 depending on the age and condition. keep in mind that modifications strongly affect fuel consumption. Installation is as simple as changing an impeller and can be performed with standard tools. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Sadly, Kawasaki canceled this model line in 2011 after less than 37 years of production because of environmental restrictions. – Much better stability As terms of performance, the Kawasaki SX-R offers no less than 80HP, powered by a 781cc, 2-cylinder, 2-stroke engine. Many say that this model is not a freestyle jet ski, as you can do much fewer tricks on it. In stock condition, this jet ski can hit 48 mph, but it depends on many circumstances like your weight and/or the weather. Just like the Yamaha Superjet, the SX-R 800 is one of the most popular 2-stroke stand up PWCs. We worked closely with Skat-Trak to develop this 3-blade impeller for the SX-R 1500. This power source features dual 40mm Mikuni carburetors, electric starting and an open-loop cooling system. The SX-R 800 vs. SX-R 1500 debate is one of the greatest arguments among stand up jet ski fans. Considering its small (4.5 gal) fuel tank, you can completely run dry in half an hour if you ride it very hard. Above: I was pretty good about my self-prescribed multi-day-a-week riding regimen for a while there. – Faster top speed – Higher fuel consumption, Kawasaki SX-R 800 vs. SX-R 1500 comparison. Be the fastest on the river/lake with a top speed north of 60MPH stock. RIVA SX-R 1500 Power Filter Kit is installed replacing restrictive factory intake system. [Maintenance Guide], Sea-Doo Spark Evo Jet Kart Review [Top Speed, Prices, Specs]. The handle pole is a reinforced version of that from the 800 SX-R (to ensure the durability to match the increased power and higher top speed). Modifications can also lead to in higher price tags. Includes three interchangeable tail cones in graduated sizes to allow peak RPM tuning for any brand or pitch of impeller. In addition to delivering double the output of the 800 SX-R and a higher top speed, the easier-to-manage broad spread of power from the new 4-stroke powerplant facilitates control. This redesigned upper deck not only allows riders to reboard much easier but also led to a better balance due to the broader stance. Common name: 800 SX-R; Displacement: 781cc, Inline 2-Cylinder, 2-Stroke Fortunately, you can still find many of them running on the water! – Requires more attention and maintenance If you are looking for an SX-R 800 for sale, you can still find some on PWC Trader, eBay, or Craigslist. DISCOVER 2021 PWC MODELS Kawasaki Jet Ski SXR Price, Specs, Top Speed, Review, Features, Overview. Beyond the more powerful power plant, the pump is also slightly modified compared to the SXi 750. Kawasaki Jet Ski SXR. – Fuel-injected (no ”carb work” needed) today’s sit down jet skis can easily hit the 67 mph range. Harley-Davidson Polaris Honda Yamaha Kawasaki Can-Am Suzuki Ski-Doo Arctic Cat BMW Popular Specs 2006 FLHX Street Glide 2015 Raider 800 (4X4) 2019 150 XC-W 2013 MXZ 600 Sport 2016 FE 350 S 1999 Sportsman 500 (4X4) 2005 KAF620E5 Mule 3010 (4X4) 2005 C50 Boulevard 1992 ET410TRS Enticer II 2008 TRX680FA8 FourTrax Rincon – Less stability The increased efficiency adds amazing acceleration, improved handling and top speed. The recommended gas/oil premix ratio 60:1, but many owners use 50:1 or even 40:1 for better lubrication. Also, keep in mind that modifications strongly affect fuel consumption. These are mainly the higher fuel consumption, less durability, and the need for more maintenance. Extra fiberglass has also been placed in key areas to further improve hull durability and sponsons are placed just under the hull/top deck bond line to enhance turning. Kawasaki produced various models of the Jet Ski starting in 1972, beginning with the JS400 and leading up to the current JS1500. From 35 mph to its top speed of 64.53 mph, Jet World's SS 800 took 10.52 seconds. Where should I set my headpipe screws for the best performance? Motor. – harder to reboard from deep water These differences result in much better acceleration, while the top speed remains the same. If we compare these two PWCs we can see that their dimensions are very close, but the Superjet is still a smaller ski. KAWASAKI 800 SX-R Wet Pipe (FIN800SX02) Q. Unfortunately, Kawasaki’s 2-stroke stand up jet ski line was canceled in 2011 due to environmental restrictions, thus the SX-R was discontinued to the great regret of many fans. We hope you find it useful! In stock condition, this jet ski can hit 48 mph, but it depends on many circumstances like your weight and/or the weather. Let’s compare these two models with each other as well as the Yamaha Superjet! Kawasaki, Sea-Doo, Yamaha, Krash…, https://www.personalwatercraft.com/manufacturers/kawasaki/2010-kawasaki-jet-ski-800-sxr-review-969.html, https://www.personalwatercraft.com/manufacturers/kawasaki/2009-kawasaki-jet-ski-800-sxr-review-816.html, https://www.boats.com/reviews/last-year-for-jet-ski-800-sx-r/, https://www.topspeed.com/boats/kawasaki/2009-kawasaki-sx-r-ar64332.html, © Copyright 2020 | All Rights Reserved | Webdesgin by. If you are looking for more power, with some modifications the top speed of an SX-R 800 can reach an amazing 60-70 mph range! For most 800 SX-R watercraft start with bottom screw open about 1/2 turn and the other two screws closed. Kawasaki Jet Ski® 800 SX-R™ is the modern version of the 400cc JET SKI that sparked the personal watercraft craze back in 1973. Although this stand up WaveRunner is powered with a 2-stroke engine, surprisingly it’s still in production. I think its a tad lower than that, prob 46 - 47 maybe 48 depending on altitude. Playfulness? The new SX-R 800 was introduced in 2003 and received a lot of attention, becoming very popular. There is no doubt that it was designed to be an “out of the box” racing jet ski. Some years have two colors available while others have one. An Overview of the SXR 800 - The Kawasaki SXR 800 offers a quantum leap it in handling over all other stand up crafts. The 800 SX-R was introduced for the 2003 model year, and remained unchanged until it was discontinued in 2011. With powerful thrust and agile rider-active handling from the V-shape hull, the Jet Ski ® SX-R ™ personal watercraft offers a 1,498cc engine and hull performance that delivers comfort and confidence. However, the new SX-R is the fastest and most agile jet ski in the Kawasaki series, not the fastest jet skate since the 160 horses of the natural forces, in other words the previous SX-R, are fully doubled. It offered a lot of power, and excellent carving ability, so it satisfied racers as well as recreational riders. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. The top deck of the 800 SX-R is also made of fiberglass reinforced plastic so it’s tough and damage-resistant; virtually unsinkable. On the other hand, being realistic you can expect to get around 1-2 hours of good riding depending on your style and the environmental conditions. Before you start your research you can learn what to look for on a used jet ski from our step-by-step buying guide. For over 40 years, Kawasaki JET SKI personal watercraft have been a source of high-powered thrills on the water. Browse Kawasaki Jet Skis. Find the 2011 Kawasaki 800 SX-R specs: top speed, horsepower, power to weight ratio, dimensions, weight. The handle pole was also redesigned to move minimally forward-backward, which resulted in a less tiring riding experience. If you worry about the gas bills, best practice is to leave the ski in stock condition. The amazing 2008 Kawasaki Jet Ski 800 SX-R is the most stable, best handling stand-up ever made. Don’t forget that just like the competitor Superjet, the SX-R is run on premix. Red Baron Racing are specialist to make the fastest and best handling Standup Jetski SX-R 800 worldwide What Does a Jet Ski Intake Grate Do? The hull design also provides more foot well area to give the rider more room to maneuver, vary foot placement and shift body weight. Speaking of the SX-R 800 features, there are as few as possible with noo large dashboard or gauges, speakers, or other dispensable additions. Simplicity? Another main competitor of the SX-R 800 is the Yamaha Superjet. Although we are speaking of a vintage 2-stroke jet ski, they are advertised with hefty price tags. 2006 Kawasaki Jet Ski® 800 SX-R pictures, prices, information, and specifications. But keep in mind that these jet skis are older and less powerful, as well. – Easier to re-board Moreover, they can even be hauled on a truck bed or a hitch hauler! That’s also because of integrated foam flotation that is built into the deck and handle pole. BRAND NEW. The Super Pump Cone is designed to be used with the OEM, Solas Dynafly, or C-75 Skat-Trak impellers in standard, or a 5mm set back. The acceleration allows the SXR to beat Kawasaki’s 310 HP Ultra 310R musclecraft out of the hole; on the top end, it reached 60 MPH during our April test session in California’s Long Beach Marine Stadium. Allows impeller changes to be made easily. FE Cha factory not approved for maximum speed 63mph. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It doesn’t just have slightly smaller dimensions, it’s also 61 pounds lighter. PWCTrader.com always has the largest selection of New or Used Kawasaki Jet Skis for sale anywhere.