It is really easy to use a Swiss Army knife to open some padlocks. It’s Black Friday week on WonderHowTo! Learn how to unlock a door with a credit card next time you are locked out! & my first attempt at it, I was quite surprised how easy it was. Originally Published: August 08, 2019. (Yes, she was a blonde!) Now that you know how to unlock a car door without your keys, read about the secrets locksmiths won’t tell you to learn more tricks of the trade. Rotate the knife gradually as you move the lock in the appropriate angle. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to break into a lock with just a Swiss Army knife. Then slide it down until it stops sliding – that means you found where the lock goes into the door . Always treat your knife with care and never use it to pry open something, especially with excessive force. Begin by prying open the door top. According to YouTuber assertivecrystalgg45, all you need is a door stop or wooden wedge and a long metal rod. But take some consolation in this how-to video. How To: Unlock Your Car Door with a Shoelace in 10 Seconds How To: Pick a door lock with homemade tool How To: Use the smart key for the 2010 Toyota Prius How To: Pick a door lock with an electric pick gun How To: Pick a cylinder door lock with a wire It can happen both when your car has been sitting out in the freezing cold for a little too long, or you made the mistake of washing your car when the temperature dips. As long as the lock is turned, the door won't open. Step 2: Apply a little more pressure on the knife and push in and out. Ever wanted to be just like MacGayver. Step 2. ♦ Apply pressure on the lock, using knife, and push it back in the door. Install a door latch guard on the door if it swings outward. Tip: These techniques are certainly effective, but performing them in a parking lot, for example, may attract some suspicion. No Fancy tools needed to unlock your car door without a key. Or at least you can unlock a car door with out a key. Opening a door with a credit card works on a lockset because it's a lock that has a barrel that fits through the strike of the door jam. And if you’ve been wanting to take some classes without going into debt, check out our best deals on online courses for a variety of skill sets. Open your newly unlocked car door and hit the road! According to YouTuber assertivecrystalgg45, all you need is a door stop/wooden wedge and a long metal rod. How to Replace an Existing Door Lock Replacing a door lock is a simple process that most homeowners can readily handle. Use this to unlock your car when you lock your keys inside. 4: Pull both ends of the string to tighten your slipknot around the lock … Use this to unlock your car when you lock your keys inside. Slide the tool through the door stop. There are more efficient ways to bypass a car door lock, so you won’t find most people picking these locks. Uh, oh. Tip: You could use a putty knife, a ruler, or even a doorstop for this purpose. Step 3: Get into the car. It won’t do much to keep out bad guys; the Youtuber who posted this readily admits that it “is made to be a privacy […] It only takes a small amount of water to freeze a lock up and prevent it from opening. Insert the wedge at the top of the door so that a gap appears of roughly 1/2 inch. Learn how to unlock a door with a credit card. You’re at your front door without a key. If you’ve got a credit card, see if you can get it to open the door before you use it to pay for a locksmith. Since pin tumbler locks are easier to tackle, explaining lock picking through the perspective of a basic pin tumbler lock works best. There are different designs and styles of locks. If your car’s trunk, door or power locking mechanism refuses to unlock/lock, get a certified mechanic, such as one from Your Mechanic, to inspect the locking mechanism. You first will need to take the screw driver and push it under the two latches on the side of the door on the lock. It does move a little, though, when a door knob is turned, even if the door is locked. Well, you can't. Your car lock does too. You just need a stick and a pocket knife to unlock any car door with a push button lock. Butter knives are preferred since they are not sharp. MacGyver could do almost anything with just a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Knife And after watching this you can too. Fortunately, it is possible to get a car door unlocked without a key. Once you have located where the bolt goes into the door, it’s time to apply some downward pressure and start picking. When faced with this frustrating situation, many people try to unlock their cars using coat hangers or magnets, but these may not work on modern cars, and they might damage car windows, doors, locking mechanisms or paint jobs.