“All sod must make soil contact to root,” she points out. You will only hide your weed problem for a short time. My old grass is pretty much all dead and I’m looking to add 3-4 inches of soil on top of the old lawn to achieve the grade I want. A single inch of the compost needs to be spread over the tilled soil and then till to 4-inch of death in order to incorporate the new change. This doesn’t seem like a great growing environment and your sod will not be receiving all of the nutrients it needs. This is a machine that slices grass below the roots for easy removal. Unfortunately, the answer is exactly the one you were probably hoping it wouldn’t be. Follow the instructions carefully for the pesticide, and be sure to water the area, or wait for a good rain once you roto-till the area to try and flush any remaining chemical before installing sod. Tall grass … How do you lay sod over existing grass? If you install sod on top of your existing lawn, the existing grass forms a layer between your sod and the soil beneath. Wow Sandy! It might look good for a couple of weeks with proper watering, but it cannot survive in these conditions! This seems like an easy way to cut down the preparation time, but will end up adding more time than it saves! answers from Chicago on May 06, 2010 To really get sod to take, you need to place it on freshly turned soil. When should I cut my new sod? Alternation should be done between the shorter and longer layers in order to make a brick pattern. the yard is bahia and they want me to lay bahia the yard is free of weeds but not sure about bugs like cinch bugs etc.. i have checked and didnt see none but not sure if bugs are seasonal i thank you in advance for your answer or answers “Therefore, the existing grass / lawn must be extremely sparse or you will have to bring in dirt and put it on top before laying the new sod. This is a need for the sod’s layer to fit the fixed surface along with the flush. When you’ve finally decided that all weeds and remaining grass are gone, wait one week before you plant your new expensive grass seed. (Grass and weeds will grow through soil 2 or 3 inches thick quite easily.) Feel free to provide some more details in another comment and I hope I can help . You need to tap down the spot where the fixed surface hooks up with the soil, by using a hand tamper. laying the sod over the grass might work but the lawn is never going to be as healthy as if you had done it properly. Trim the grass on your lawn if it’s too long. Begin by clearing your lawn from debris, twigs, rubbish, and rock etc. Thanks, that’s what I thought, but I’ve been told it’s okay. In order to do this, your sod needs to have contact with the soil beneath it. I’m sorry but I’m not sure what Targo is, and I’d hate to give you inaccurate info. Pat sod carefully into place, so there aren’t any air pockets between soil and sod. If I put down 6 inch’s of Targo — can I then install sod? Continue to monitor it as it establishes and just be very careful on your first mow. All seems with soil should be filled and then tamp it down. I’m looking to put new sod in my backyard. One of our neighbors laid the sod right on top of the old grass. From start to the end of the marked area in the lawn, just go by raking the soil in a straight line that you wish to sod. Gardening pain could then be used for properly marking the area where you wish to lay the sod. Excess sod should be removed, by using a knife. Required fields are marked *. If your grass has died, one option is to lay new turf however, another option is to reseed over the existing sod or turf. With some careful digging, you can install the patches at ground level so that they’ll never show. Happy to help. Proper preparation to the soil and ground beneath the sod is crucial to the success of your lawn. Be sure not to run into any irrigation water lines when using the rototiller. Sod grass requires soil contact in order to thrive. Finish laying the sod’s roll with alternate side approach. How long after I use Round up can I SOD? The ideal approach here is to start with the laying process of sod from a fixed end, such as that next to the side or the sidewalk of the house. Some lawncare experts shy away from applying sod over existing grass when they are concerned about the level of the sod in comparison with other surfaces. It is the envy of the street. It may start out level, but as the old grass breaks down it will turn out very uneven. How to Place Sod Over Existing Grass. The most effective way to do this is to use a sod cutter, which can be rented for about $70 per day depending on your area. His lawn is the thickest and greenest on the street. Mow your existing lawn as short as possible to remove vegetation. feet of the tilled soil. Moisten soil using a garden hose and then, down the row, just unroll the sod. However, I didn’t know as much as I should have and I laid some pieces vertical (with the slope) vs horizontal. Updated May 11, 2018. Saltillo, Lancaster. Thedigmagcom is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, Best grain free dog food for skin allergies, Doggy hair dryer and hair blowers that actually groom your doggy, Cuisinart 360 griddle cooking center review, TP links ac1200 things you need to know about it, How To Use A Spray Gun With Air Compressor. In the process, they added fill (river sand), covering the old grass, which was never really 'pure' grass and had weeds, etc. The yard should then be very thoroughly raked and look to collect any residue debris and chuck that in the bin. Will everything still be fine? Can I add soil to my existing lawn, then add the sod? Existing grass makes it hard for sod to get the nutrients it needs to survive. I don’t know how it survived or continues to survive after about a year and a half. Weed seeds will survive underground and sprout through your freshly laid sod, ruining that perfect swath of green you're attempting to create. Your fresh sod will be unable to reach the soil to develop roots. Hopefully the fishmeal and black earth helps build up the topsoil layer. It may seem like an easy solution, but here are the problems you create. The objective here is to create the 2% slope to allow for the water runoff over the sodded zone. You can’t simply lay sod on top of grass without doing proper preparation. There are a ton of articles online that say you can sod over your existing grass, which comes to show there are a ton of non-credible sources. This can be a problem if you are growing grass from seed over a previous weedy lawn, the old weeds will grow through as well. Height: If you place a patch of sod directly on your lawn, it will be higher than the surrounding soil, and not only will it show, but it will dry out faster than the rest of the lawn. I will remove the old sod. This is because the sod cannot survive if you lay it on top of existing grass. Have you ever set a heavy, dense object (like a brick or large rock) on top of your lawn? Enjoy your new lawn! So this is all about how to lay sod over an existing lawn to get the desired results without any issues. For those of you who prefer not to use toxic synthetic chemicals to kill the old grass and/or weeds, you can take several approaches to getting rid of weeds without chemicals. Turf needs to be able to grow roots quickly to become established after sod is laid. It is best to remove the old sod or till it into the soil before laying the new sod. The old sod may also contain weeds and weed … Your email address will not be published. Mark each sprinkler head with a small flag. Kill off all that old grass and weeds so that it doesn't show up in your new lawn.