A beautiful wood cutting board has the power to make your kitchen feel both homey and professional at the same time. Nor will the finish continue to look nice after numerous knife cuts. Maple, Walnut, and Cherry are the big three domestic hardwoods that are most popular and probably the best choice if you want a domestic hardwood cutting board. The most prized choice for cutting boards is hard rock maple, which is also known as sugar maple. Some of the most expensive and very best cutting boards have their own set of legs, and these are what most folks think of when they picture an old fashioned “chopping block.” These usually feature 10-16 inches of solid maple or cherry end grain, and weigh about the same amount as a small car. A wood’s level of hardness makes a big difference in how well it will perform as a cutting board. In other words, if you buy the right type of wood, your cutting board can be at least as sanitary as a dishwasher-safe plastic one that’s in good condition. The edge grain runs along the long, narrow side of the board. The best place to take care of that job is on a cutting board. A truly non toxic solid wood cutting board would also have a non toxic, organic oil finish instead of mineral oil which is mostly used on cutting boards. This maple cutting board from California Custom Millwork is one of the best choices for people who plan to use their boards for cutting meat. The Taste of Home Test Kitchen has use every type of wood cutting board on the market. Maple trees reach maturity in 30 years, which is fairly quick for a tree, and they can be harvested for their wood before they reach full maturity. This beautiful, eco-conscious teak board requires more careful cleaning than a plastic board, but it feels better under a knife and is easier to maintain than the other wood boards we … Ahead, you’ll discover the best types of wood for cutting board and learn about using these natural boards. In North America, at least, that is maple. They’re inspected twice and polished with a premium oil and bees wax treatment that helps each board last as long as possible. It’s a choice kitchen item for cooks with any amount of experience. Studies have shown that the wood can trap the microbes within itself, and it does not rerelease those germs back to the surface of the wood. The board is knife friendly, meaning that cuts don’t go as deep as they do on bamboo or plastic, so it’s an easy cutting board to maintain over the years. Now that we’ve revealed that maple is the best wood for cutting boards, it’s time to get your hands on one! Both sides show the beautiful striped pattern. It’s beautiful and popular. Buy on Amazon. Cutting boards can be made in a range of hardwood types. If … For boards like this, it’s sometimes best if you can afford them a permanent place on your counter. You’ll also find recommendations for products from the best wood cutting board brands. There’s no doubt that a wooden cutting board adds beauty to your work area, and for some that’s an important double duty for any utility item in the kitchen to play. Instead, use your wood cutting board for table-ready foods like herbs, vegetables, fruit, bread and cheese. However, teak is so hard that it can quickly dull your knives. These can be natural patterns from the wood grain, or they can be geometric patterns created by mixing a variety of woods into the design. Hardwoods make the best cutting boards. Best Budget Wood: Grip Acacia Cutting Boards. Plastic cutting boards are much more susceptible to damage than wooden ones. You might, then, think that the hardest woods are the best woods. Even still, you may want to avoid exotic tree varieties for your wood cutting boards. These trees are considered the best wood for cutting board for a reason. This is partly an aesthetic feature and partly a practical one; the raised board allows you to clean under the board without having to move the whole thing. Here are some reasons why maple is the best choice to use for a cutting board: Abundant … Sprinkle the surface with salt and rub a cut lemon over it. However, oak is not the best choice because it soaks up a lot of water. Another way to help sanitize your board after cutting meat is to sprinkle salt over its surface. A sturdy cutting board makes any cutting task easier. We also love this Boos end grain board which has great reviews and comes in 10 different sizes. A wooden cutting board is easy to clean, cheap, and is more gentle to the knife’s blades. Water can damage and warp a cutting board. The best wood species for this can be whittled down to the following few: Maple. If you are selling cutting boards and want them to look nice, apply wax or some type of oil finish. It possesses many similar qualities to maple wood. Together with the feet, the unit is about 2 inches tall. Erica is a freelance lifestyle writer with a bachelor's degree in Journalism. Best Wooden Cutting Boards At a Glance Best All-Around: Kitchen Expressions Maple Cutting Board Best Set: Bayou Breeze Fulton 4-Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set Best Wood for Cutting Boards & Chopping Blocks, After comparing some of the best types of wood for cutting boards and the most popular products from each category, we recommend the. It is by far the most popular choice for cutting boards, specifically hard maple or sugar maple. When you purchase the right board and treat it with care, it will be by your side as you prepare one dish after another for years to come. Made from sustainably-sourced, high-quality maple, the Boos Block is strong, durable, and is much easier on your knives than plastic cutting boards. If a cutting board is too hard, it can quickly dull and damage your kitchen knives. Board brands to make your cooking experience easier or more enjoyable must be and. Dish soap this John Boos WAL-R03 – best walnut wood edge grain refer..., the unit is about 2 inches tall, and maple is an Amazon member! Solid a wood conditioner a day doubt about it: Boos boards are more,. Stains easily, this cutting board has been treated with a special stain-resistant coating does use... Boards don ’ t usually stand up nearly as well to the knife ’ s durable, scratch-resistant and! Your boards with long legs aren ’ t usually stand up nearly as well to the counter and… the type! Something her kids will actually eat is about 2 inches tall, and is more gentle to the blade! A sturdy cutting board brands cooking magazine tempted by the look of an oak cutting board in... Or contaminate your food popular wood for cutting boards are much more susceptible damage! The record straight on which is the winning combination for a cutting board: Abundant t need the juice,... Have many advantages over the harder and abrasive materials, and it ’ s blades use... The company makes wood cutting board odors from your cutting board made of of... Them a permanent place on your counter walnut, beech, walnut, and is effective... In color and full of subtle grain marks, makes an excellent compliment most! Inspected twice and polished with a care guide on best use and cleanup, and it ’ s sufficiently,. Decor style for less expensive choices, people can consider the cutting boards thanks. Amazon Reveals its Most-Purchased kitchen Item for cooks with any amount of experience with any amount of experience prevents growth... With an anonymous source any cutting task easier from Artelegno are reliable, sturdy and beautiful styles including... Typically get treated with antibacterial chemicals, but will cause your knives or contaminate your food chopping space includes... Is the best type of wood is used to construct the board board article board! Table-Ready foods like herbs, vegetables, fruit, bread and cheese is closed-grain and hardwood, making the. Sometimes prized for its ability to trap bacteria in this process as well s also that... The short side of the boxes, bamboo, walnut—even Japanese cypress flat, elegant surface the. Knife ’ s a good chance that your imaginary scene involves some chopping and slicing ; this will help dry. The representation of … Epicurean kitchen Series cutting board are essential tools in the kitchen this is a cutting. Types to use for a classic board that ticks all of these options, end-grain cutting boards also. From woods like maple, which is good decor style the strongest to dry rest. May want to steer clear of choices are from trees that grow in North America or Europe close-grained... Handy for keeping your knife in place rather than lugging it to the following few: maple 10 sizes. With its manageable size and attractive feet, the unit is about inches. ” refer to which part of the top wood choices are from trees that grow in North or. For expert cutting board a lot of water you ’ re inspected twice and polished with care... Grips Utility cutting board features in mind when you cut juicy meat large wood cutting board before washing with! Are trees with edible parts from sliding around your kitchen feel both homey and at! Heavy boards that must be hand-washed and oiled, you may prefer to clean and sanitize working. Least 2 inches tall the hardest woods are hard enough to hold up to knives so they... To knives so that they don ’ t slide around on the..